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Proposal ideas

Have you ever though about a unique and original plan where your partner expectations are nothing but posing nicely and show some self love?

Yep, that’s the feeling of a Photobooth in action and if on top of that we add a creative way to join two souls, the simply idea of thinking about it makes it priceless.

The idea is:

1. Practice as many times you want.

2. Get the real courage and

3. Live an amazing experience.

An unexpected reaction can make the moment as pure as extraordinary as we wish. Riviera Maya Photobooths can make it happen at any event, anywhere and any how. Wheather you like the nature leaves or an awesome blooming flowers background we Can make the unexpected so magical.

Let your imagination flow, dare to dream and make it happen.

Any other idea?

share some love To us ! Gracias !

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